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The CTO Podcast explores the worlds of Chief Technical officers as they manage the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of technologists in the C-suite.

Our guests share their real-world experiences and practical advice, as well as their thoughts on emerging trends and technologies in AI, crypto, and Web3.

If you're a CTO, aspiring technology leader, or simply interested in learning more about the world of technology, The CTO Podcast has something for you.

The CTO Podcast is an I Hear Everything production. I Hear Everything combines the impact audio with the power of digital content to connect creators and brands with their target audience.

This podcast was launched February 2019, with the goal of helping technology leaders stay ahead of the curve and discover what it takes to succeed as a CTO in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

We hope you enjoy the pod!

Etienne de Bruin

Meet Our Host

Etienne de Bruin Founder &Executive Chairman of 7CTOs

A native of South Africa, Etienne graduated from Stellenbosch University before starting his technology career. He served as a 3-time CTO before launching 7CTOs in 2013.

Etienne is also the Founder of the New Technical Fund, a non-profit vehicle by that supports initiatives focused on expanding technical innovation for the greater good.

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Benjamin Shapiro

Benjamin Shapiro

Executive Producer

Benjamin is the CEO of I Hear Everything, which provides brands podcast production, growth, & monetization services. He is the Executive producer of this podcast and the MarTech, Voices of Search, Revenue Generator, and Rebrand Podcasts.
Prior to founding I Hear Everything, Benjamin ran a brand development & marketing strategy consultancy. In a previous life, Benjamin left a successful career in business development at eBay to become an entrepreneur that has run a bootstrapped startup, multiple marketing teams at early-stage VC-backed companies.

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